Are you wanting to purchase your dream home in the Pinellas - Hillsborough or Pasco county area, but you have limited funds for a down payment we can help you. The county and the city offers the down payment assistance program with a FHA government-insured loan, giving your family the opportunity to become homeowners.

If you exceed the income limits you the qualify for the 3.5% down payment! Many programs available.

If you currently owe a home you can still use the program in the Pinellas county (ask for details).


We can help you get your dream home! We help you get the following:

(1) Down Payment Assistance Program from your county or city that will help you purchase your home with very little down payment.

(2) We also provide you with the FHA or conventional financing for the home.

(3) We will recommend an experienced real estate agent in down payment assistance properties, to help you find your dream home.

In the event your credit scores are too low - we help you fix your credit - free of charge for our clients.

Latest Closings

852 52nd Ave S: $182,700 home the borrower paid $2,140
4260 57th Ave N: $70,000 home the borrower paid $1,023
3219 29TH ST N: $115,000 home the borrower paid $1,500
7529 36th Avenue N: $135,000 home the borrower paid $1,925
5931 41st Ave N: $150,000 home the borrower paid $3,000
4101 14 Ave S: $82,000 home the borrower paid $1,449


Online Pre-Qualification for Down Payment Assistance & FHA/Conventional Mortgage Loan

Where would you like to live:
Number of people living in household:
Total Household Yearly Income:
Loan Applicant Total Monthly Income:
Monthly Credit Card(s) Payment :
Monthly Car(s) Payment Payment :
Monthly Alimony (if you pay) :
Monthly Child Support (if you pay) :
Student Loans 1% (of balance) :

Income calculated based on TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME, not just the loan applicant. (including child support, disability and any income that you may receive and/or be reflected in your bank statements). Household consists of all the people who will be living in the same home.

To be pre-approve submit application (step 3), send proof of income (step 4) and pull your credit report (step 5).

Is required you attend a HOMEOWNERSHIP WORKSHOPS

The following homes MAY qualify for the down payment assistance. The property MUST be in a very good condition.