We work with many Real Estate Agents from different companies. You are welcome to join and promote our services as this will help you increase your business.

We offer customization of our website, so it displays your phone number in the section where the properties are shown.

Copy and Paste your link:
(you MUST change the 727-123-4567 with your phone number), then you are ready to share your link with your buyers.

Things to keep in mind...

  • The property must be in very good condition
  • The City will send and inspector and will check for CODE and PERMITS
  • Flip properties are allow after 90 days of purchase contract,
    seller will have to pay for the 2nd appraisal (FHA loan).
  • Allow 60 days for closing
  • Property must be able to pass FHA Appraisal/inspection
  • We only do Single Family Homes
  • Min. Loan Amount is $90,000
  • Pinellas County: Min. required from buyer $800, Max. Purchase Price $255,000
  • Pasco County: Min. required from buyer $1,500, Max. Purchase Price $240,000
  • Hillsborough: Min. required from buyer $1,000, Max. Purchase Price $168,000
  • St Petersburg City: Min. required from buyer 1%, Max. Purchase Price $168,000
(*requires Realtor to be certified by County and/or City)

FHA Quick Check List

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