Step by Step How To Repair Your Credit Report

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We help many people to purchase their homes and most buyers that followed the instructions below are able to purchase their homes in matter of 2-6 months after starting repairing their credit score.

You must monitor what is happening with your credit score. Install the app in your smartphone creditkarma and setup your account for free montoring of your scores.

Piggybacking: How It May Help Your Credit Score
The practice of piggybacking has been around for years, and many consumers have used it to boost their credit scores. In order for a consumer with poor credit to boost their score, a person with good credit would simply authorize the bad-credit individual on one or more of their credit lines, thereby artificially boosting the bad score and making it appear that the person with the bad score had several lines of good credit.
Ask a friend, family member, spouse to add you as an authorize user of the credit card. Be sure that account was never paid late and do not have high minimum monthly payments.

Reduce your debt
Keep all your credit cards under 30% of the credit limit as a balance.
If your credit card balances every month are more than 30% of your credit limits, your score is suffering, even if you’re paying off your balances in full every month by the payment due date. That’s because your statement balance is most likely what’s being reported to the credit bureaus. So, keep an eye on those balances, and consider pre-paying some of the balance if you know you’ll be above that 30% mark this month.

Pay your credit cards on time
Set up payment due date alerts with all your credit cards and loans and get organized.

Open a Secured Credit Card
A secured credit card is a type of credit card where you make a deposit into a checking account that “secures” the line of credit the bank or lender is extending you. For example, you can open a checking account and put $200 in it and get a line of credit for $200 (though some secured options will give you a higher credit limit than your deposit).
You can get a secured card with poor credit and adding a new account with a positive payment history will go a long way in showing creditors you’re back on solid ground.
Once you get your card charge don’t charge more than $50 a month and pay it on time

Keep in mind
Do not apply to standard credit cards as you will lose point in your credit scores and standard credit cards at this time will not give you a credit card.

Do not close any old credit cards, you can keep it with $0 balance... but don’t close the credit card.

Do not pay any collections unless we let you know... since most collections are charge off, after a period of time.

After using these techniques to increase your score, keep monitoring this with creditkarma once you reach 620-640 score let us know. Then we will review your account to get a pre-approval for a mortgage loan.
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